Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bit of free time, reflection, and review.....now back to work!

Today is speech therapy...I should really start getting the house presentable...but the N-Zilla is nice and quiet...wait maybe too quite I'm gonna go check on the boy.

You the reader can't tell this..but it's been a mini pause since I check the N-Zilla..I peeked to see what the haps was...and there was my N-Zilla drinking syrup straight from the bottle...GREAT!  We will see what happens in abut 20 minutes.  This reminds me of myself..I use to sneak into the kitchen and drink A1 sauce...I was a weird kid...not to mention I use to eat toilet paper, drink lotion (only Jonson &Jonson the pink bottle...I have standards), and I think the weirdest one of all was masa...My grandmother would make homemade tortillas...and she would roll the dough or masa into balls...ready to be made into the round tortilla..  First I would ask grandma if I just could have a pinch of the dough..I'm sure after a billion no's I wore her down.  Just a little finger nail full.  But later when she was not in the kitchen I would grab two masa balls and lay under the table shoving  masa ball in my mouth one at a time...I don't know why I did this...and I don't know when I grew out of it..But thank goodness I did.

So far N-Zilla sneaks drinks of syrup...creamer...so far not so bad. What kid doesn't like sweet stuff?  We have added flower pedals and flower stems to the list.  I don't know what to do about that..I guess just keep non-poisonous flowers out of the house.  So please no poinsettias for Christmas.  He bites the bread bag..with the bread still in it (gripes... I did this too)!

Thinking about it N-Zilla never liked eating baby food...he would gag as soon as the goop touched his mouth...shaking his head no..I kept on feeding him..the kid needed to eat.

K...super quick review...
1. Realized N-Zilla does awesome at home with mama (me)
2. N-Zilla is a bit destructive in church and Mr. S has to fine tune his nerve level with N-Zilla in public during an public outburst.  He's learning
3. Confirmed that I picked the best God Parents for N-Zilla!
4. N-Zilla becomes quite destructive when his peers touch the THOMAS BAG..
5.N-Zilla blinked a lot this Sunday while other kids played around him.
6. Moon Sand is the greatest thing!!!!!Thanks to the Nina and Nino
7. As a last resort...Just Dance the game does wonders to tame the beast.
8.I still don't know if it's something or nothing...
9. Last but not least...I would like to send a shout out to the Nina and Nino...

Now back to Work!

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