Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleepless in San Antonio

Last night the N-Zilla woke up crying and had a hard time falling asleep.

Mr. S and I always figured that when N-Zilla woke up in the middle of the night crying it was because of growing pains.  Maybe that's not the case...

I can't count the countless nights that I have stayed awake with N-Zilla my loveable and destructive sitting on the couch and listen to him cry.

There is something about a toddler cry after Midnight...it becomes more annoying and inconsolable.

Mr. S has even joined in on our crying rendezvous.  The last crying spell, Mr. S and I sat next to our son and squeezed his arms and legs until he fell asleep.

Last night we had a crying spell.  I fell so helpless as his parent.  I have to fight back my frustration of hearing him cry in the middle of the night.  He might wake up The Baby.  What if Son #1 and Crazy Horse don't  get enough rest for school?  What if my mom (came to visit from Utah) wakes up? Mr. S will not get enough sleep.    And then the helplessness pours in, I can't make him stop crying...I can't make what ever is hurting him stop.  The only thing I can do is scratch his arm to help sooth him, and hope he falls asleep before my alarm goes off.

Sleepless nights have been part of N-Zilla's routine as long as he has been alive.  Every one has their theory or advice...maybe he's hungry, he got to much sun, he had a nightmare, he's room needs to be blessed, he is just being difficult, he needs a bath...etc  Every one from Grandma Big Bear to the M.I.L.  I've done every single suggestion.

I'm hoping that we are not taking a few steps back.  Lately the sleepless nights and the return of the sippy cup freak me out a little.

Not to mention I don't feel that the visiting mama understands.  She thinks that I am spoiling the boy.  Since she has came to visit she has told me that he is fine he is just being difficult.  Yet when I turn the corner she is "giving in to him".  Trying to explain is so frustrating.

Today we have speech therapy...gonna get things back on track and keep trusting my gut.

(Found some blog sites, tonight will share all the helpful info I've found)

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