Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday's Speech Therapy went...well AWESOME!  It was one of the best and most rewarding sessions we have had thus far. 

Usually the first 30 minutes consist of N-Zilla mimicking dialogue from Thomas and Friends and playing with his train and train tracks...Slowly the s/t will add a different toy into the session. Doesn't last long.  Then followed with the dreaded question, "So can he name any body parts other then his nose and hands"?  "Not yet but were working on it".  Nothing like the word "Yet" to make a parent fill like a failure.

However, today was different!  Instead of going to the back room...which acts as family room/play area, we stayed in the front room (my living room...only in my head...the kids own everything).  I brought out the box with the Moon Sand (best gift from the God Parents) with all the little hidden treasures in it.  It was the best!  N-Zilla stayed calm and focused for entire session.  He didn't run to the train tracks, he conversed (the way he does) and interacted with the s/t.  I still had to say, "not yet", when asked if he is saying body parts.  BUT, when asked what's new and what's different...I was so shocked that I had a list of accomplishments!  Since using some occupational techniques at home it's like the speech is following.  Still lots of gibberish, but lots of new words and phrases.  I wanna say he has surpassed 100 words by now!  We had only one set back with the sippy cup...I NEED TO SLEEP.

With some changes around the toy area, house, attitudes and communication it's feels like with in a month N-Zilla has accomplished so much!  Not to mention the next day when Mr. S was home he took an active interest in the days s/t session...Reading the yellow paper left by the s/t and asking how the N-Zilla did.  It felt good to say it went AWESOME! LOTS OF PROGRESS!


  1. Congratulations! I hope it means better sailing in the future too. :-)


  2. Why thank you Fickle Cattle...I'm sure it will:)