Wednesday, March 16, 2016

When ARD'S/IEP's Go Right. My Top 5 for ARD'S and IEP's

*This post  is from April 2015 

NOT!  Only a teacher (or IEP parent) would get this joke.
No. Not really but this one wasn't that bad.

Annual IEP's and  if your in the state of Texas is one of the most stressful times for parents...but time I didn't have to wear water proof mascara. Nothing got Tabled (Tabled: Term used when ARD Committee can not agree and need to take a 10 day break then come back and hopefully a decision in the best interest for the child can be made). I wasn't secretly cursing out any part of the ARD committee. This school year has shown me that their is such a thing a constructive ARD (Admission. Renewal. Dismissal). Communication between N-Zilla's teacher and I are great. I didn't feel like I was being patronized. I really felt that we all had my son's best interest at heart. All together it only took 2 hrs. Yeah, even good ARD's take time.

Of course I still have mad anxiety leading up to the day of the ARD. It's kinda like going into a mediation for child custody. If you've never been then thank your lucky stars.

I'm not delusional to think that I will never have a difficult ARD again but I really do appreciate the Staff at Spring Meadows Elementary. N-Zilla and I have been blessed to have the teacher he has had this school year.

Here are some of my tips and suggestion to help with ARD's and IEP.

1. Communication. Communication. Communication.
Don't wait for an ARD/IEP meeting to talk about your concerns. I'm sure on average Ms. C and I are having a Parent/Teacher Conference once a month not to mention emails and text. I appreciate this. Tons.

2. Take notes and keep a paper trail.
 A parents brain is just a computer with several tabs open. Mine has a gazillion open. It's like    Pinterest on steroids. Taking notes helps me remember what you talked about in the parent    meeting last Tuesday.
 It also helps as a reference during ARDs. AND it shows progress or regression for your kiddo.

3. List. List. List.
Before going to the ARD make a list of what you would like to talk about. Your child's strengths and weaknesses.  For ex: I made a list of Accomplishments and Strengths and bullet point list to keep me on track.
  • Evaluation from Doc
  • Transition reminders
  • BIP(I would like a Behavior Plan)
  • Plan in place for sub
  • Visual schedule and timers 
  • seating arrangements for next year
  • accommodations/modifications
  • teacher recommendations for next year. 
4. Bring with you the most recent evaluation form Doctors and/or Therapist.

5. Ask questions. Communicate. 
You are the main B-I of the ARD committee. Don't every forget that.

I hope I can help any newbies or "oldbies" when it comes to ARD's. I wish all ARD's-mine and yours could be like the one I just had.

Here's to ARD's and water proof mascara. May the next one be just as good