Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Cards the N-Zilla way

We've stop taking pictures with the professionals.  Last time I took the kids to The Picture People N-Zilla was a little less then a year.

I've learned that taking pictures the traditional way is just not for us right now.  I've got a tween, a three year old and my N-Zilla.

 If you have your own N-Zilla you know that when taking pictures of your kiddo won't always look at the camera or smile on cue. Pictures are blurry, and it's always hard for me to see one of our family being the odd man out in pictures.  I figured if one of us is not going to look at the camera...none of us are.

I decided this year we were going to look for N-Zilla for photo advice and follow suite.

I took the pictures on different days...depending on the moods of who wanted to take a picture.  Most of us were in our pajamas.  It was fun and our Christmas card came out cute.  Sure I mailed them out on the 21st and our loved ones will most likely receive them after Christmas...but I think they will like them all the same.  Merry Christmas every one...From our N-Zilla Family to Yours.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Your Turkey Smells

Hope every one had a good Thanksgiving.  

We have noticed N-Zilla's smell aversion for a bit. He covers his nose a lot and can smell something way before we can. He tells little old ladies that they smell like poop. N-Zilla is like a pregnant lady in their first trimester.  I haven't paid too much attention to this because...because I don't know why..but on Thanksgiving...'ish got real.  

We hosted Gobble day at our house this year. While the turkey was cooking in the oven, N-Zilla was sitting on the couch moaning and groaning. Mumbling something. He was complaining about the smell of the turkey.  He walked into the kitchen with a green face and told me the smell hurt his nose. I saw his face turn from one shade of pale green to another. Turns out N-Zilla REALLY doesn't like the smell of turkey.  Luckily he was able to make it to the trash can before he vomited.  

All-in-all it was a good day. N-Zilla and I spent time in the front yard, he played in the back yard and had a Thanksgiving feast of water, soda and chips-like our ancestors before us-;)

How did you all do with your sensory sensitive loved ones? 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

N-Zilla and The typical Monday

Monday 11/11/13. Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy Day, and other appointments. Just a typical Monday.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Sitting in the waiting room. 1

Sitting in the waiting room is a way of life for most if not all parents for one thing or another. Check-ups.  Immunizations.  Orthodontist.  Principal's office.  For me and my family-twice a week-sometimes more, 1 or all of us are #sittinginthewaitingroom.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013


                         /Gaming Animated Gif on Giphy


Pac-Man!  All day everyday!  If you lived in my house this would make sense to you and would also be HILARIOUS.   Viva La N-Zilla!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parent Tool Box Part 1

No more emergency cards to fill out and first day pictures to post.  The honeymoon is over.  We are in the 2nd week of Kindergarten.  Shit just got real.

I've known this day was coming as soon as I signed N-Zilla up for Kindergarten.  The notes came home today.  In short, it was not a good day for N-Zilla.

BUT today is the first day I used the tools and picture aids I got from Any Baby Can RFFA (Reaching Families Facing Autism) classes a 100%.  Since last Thursday I have started to use them.  Setting them up around the house.  Taking the wait card  and First/Then card with me in town.  Using it when we went out to eat Saturday.  I've been using it bits and pieces through out the day.

In the morning I have a picture schedule for N-Zilla.  Life got hectic the end part of last week and the first part of this week.  It's gonna be Thursday and I still have the case of the Monday's.   When days or weeks are like this...I fall behind on the picture schedules and schedules in general.

Since Monday I could see something boiling at the surface and sure enough the notes came today.    It's clear to me more now then ever that I have to stick to a schedule and everybody involved with N-Zilla has to be on board.  More social stories.  More visual cues. More patients.  More. More. More.

Today after I picked N-Zilla up from school and drying off from being stuck in the 10 minute rain storm  I used my notes from the RFFA class and tool box.  Next post I will be able to show you pictures.  I can't right now because my phone doesn't hold a charge because it was dropped in the toilet over the summer and in another part of the world a butterfly flapped it's wings.

Hopefully keeping up with the post will keep me on track and put the pressure on to use all his visual cues, social stories etc.


Wednesday Evening:

  •  Used "Wait Card".
  •  N-Zilla used his cards for his First/Then.  First Snack. Then Homework.  
  •  No yelling from me (mom) at homework time.  
  •  Used token system.  Worked towards computer time.
  •  Multitask. While N-Zilla was on computer caught up with Crazy Horse and drew out a social story for shower time.   While cooking dinner made a grocery list and diner menu with Son #1. Sang little mermaid songs for Talulah while laminating Shower Time social story. 
  • First/Then cue to get N-Zilla ready to take a shower.
  • Taped social story in shower wall.  Had N-Zilla follow sequence.  Mentally pat myself on back.
  • Used Visual cue card for sleep to get N-Zilla to bed (my bed).  Sat in dark with him until he fell asleep.   End time 8pm.  He fell asleep 5 hrs earlier then he had in the past 5 days.  


Monday, September 2, 2013

Survived the first week

Well...We made it!
 The big kids know the drill, but it is difficult explaining to N-Zilla that he has school tomorrow.  And I am slightly going a little bonkers.  Why you ask? Well, since school has started the kids have had more melt downs (all 4 of them) then I like to count.  If I see another eye roll (which I will in less then 24 hrs) I think I might be ill (which I am).   

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"I have feelings too, dammit"...and why lovable is misspelled

Last night in a spontaneous combustion of thought and reflection I had the brilliant idea of changing the address of this blog. I learned quickly that was a no-no.

Got this from Tumblr.com
1) I've known that Lovable (as in the title) is spelled wrong since the second after I hit the save button.  It's a bit embarrassing but I tricked myself into thinking it was cute like a backward R or putting the word mom in front of word ex: MOMtopia or MOMcellent.  I'm not sure if people use that but you get my point.  Turns out it's really not that cute. If you hadn't notice by now I am Dyslexic. Also, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia. I've spent a good deal of my life in reading labs and re-doing spelling test. Flunking math test, re-writing papers to pass classes in high school and being clumsy in almost everything that I do.  As you can tell, these things don’t go away and its life long so...whatareyougonnado? Except over compensate and develop the need to go above and beyond and never giving up even if that means writing ill written posts.

2) When I first started this blog.  My life was very lovable and destructive. My son who you all know and love as N-Zilla was a very cute chubby little guy and at the same time he was very destructive. Broken things everywhere! He once gave me a black eye and I’m sure re-broke my nose. There were sleepless nights. Tantrums that would last for hours. I can't explain everything that went on in those early years because I was in a blur. I would write FB post that went like this: I have this son, He is lovable and destructive. So lovable and destructive that my window is broken.
He was at the tail end of being 2.  Now he is 5 and starting Kindergarten in 2 weeks.  Yes, sometimes things are destructive. Cleaning BM from a 5 y/o’s behind is not fun or stopping everything to look for a missing microscopic piece of a train takes its toll on the brain. Other things are happening now that are not so destructive like when your 3 y/o makes friends at the pool party while your N-Zilla doesn't acknowledge his peers around him. Or when you have to keep a hawk eye on your son so he doesn't have a bm in the pool or anywhere else but the toilet.Things like going to OT and speech and making Picture schedules around the house are not destructive just a part of life.
Although their are very few things (if any) that you can say to N-Zilla that will hurt his feelings...I know that he has them and might eventually get hurt.  He is a person.  There's a misconception that people on the spectrum (be it mild or low functioning or ADHD or Sensory) that these people have tough skin and are lacking in feelings etc.  I don't believe this to be true.  His way of processing feelings, pain or pleasure, happiness or sadness, or disappointment is different and my neuro-typical empathy might miss his cues.   

He might read this blog someday and I want it to be very clear that everything that I write about N-Zilla is through the eyes of his mom. Me. Mom-Zilla.  I want him to know that these are my experience not his. Someday he will write his own book (or blog) through his own eyes and it will be okay.

Soooo, yeah that's why the sudden change last night.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monday appt.

We drove into San Antonio Saturday...
Monday We (N-Zilla) had 3 appointments.  
and boy are my arms tired. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Follow Up...We went on a plane!

Well it has been a few day since we've landed. Between visiting with my sister and nephew, going to a birthday party, and a baby shower I haven't had much time for social media let alone blogging.  But here we are...wanted to follow up on how the flight went.  

I tried Vlogging earlier today....but I failed miserably.  I tried again at night....again...fail.  The Kiddo's where just not having it.  Now they are asleep and I am in no shape to be in front of the camera...soooo just good old fashion blogging for this one.
(I want every one to know that it has since been a few days since I started this post...lots of things to do you know)

First...I had anticipated very long lines at the airport.  That is what I am use too.  Son #1 and Crazy Horse go to  Las Vegas at least twice a year and we have to get to the airport 2 hrs early so we can wait in a long line for tickets so we can wait in a long line at security and so on and so on.  

The day we went to the airport...No.One.Was. There.  Hardly no one.  I think that helped making our experience a smooth one.

Also being prepared I like to think Helped.    

As expected N-Zilla had some moments of Anxiety but these are the things that we did and it made for smooth experience.

1) Bring someone to help you

First the greatest asset that I had was Tia Felicia aka Bestie aka Cup Of  Java Momma.  Not only is she my bff for 15+ years and we are kinda sorta related thrice removed, she is also my childcare provider.  In short she gets me and my kids.  
She drove me to the Airport. Helped by bringing a double stroller (she’s has twinsies).  Now…if you go to the Airport and happen not to have a bff that has a double stroller and you happen to have a child on the Autism spectrum you can ask for a wheel chair.  I asked for a "non-boarding pass" for the bestie.  Usually this is for parents who have unaccompanied minors.  You can go with them to the terminal lobby and wait til they board,  also if you have a special need as in our case.  Just explain you situation when you are checking your luggage.The Bestie was able to go through security with us and wait at the terminal 

2) Hat and Sun glasses
My N-Zilla wears a hat most of the time.  It helps him keep focus and not get distracted so easily.  Wearing a hat and sunglasses slows down all the stimulation going on in busy places like the Airport.

                                                                   3) Social Story

Make a Social Story (*social story describes a situation, skills, or concept).  I went on google image and printed pictures that N-Zilla would see at the airport and printed a picture of my sister and niece.  These where the familiar faces N-Zilla (and Talulah) where going to see when we landed.    This helps to know what is going to be expected.  We read the book the night before and N-Zilla held the book at the airport and we read along as we went through each step.

4) Picture Schedule. First/Then
N-Zilla uses a picture schedule at school, speech/Ot, and home.  He doesn't have to use them all the time but they are very helpful especially in new situations.  I used the same pictures I used for the social story.    I put the pictures in a 2 part sequence. Ex: First airport. Then Tickets.  First security check. Then Lobby. 

5) Headphones and Tablet 

N-Zilla wore his big brothers headphones which drowned out some of the noise and played on his tablet for most of the plane ride.  It diffidently kept his attention.  N-Zilla wore the headphones even when he wasn't using the tablet.  

 The important five:

  • A person who knows your child's needs.  
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Social Story. 
  • Picture Schedule.  
  • Tablet and Headphones.  

Not to mention a empty airport ( I suggest flying out of the newer part of San Antonio Airport it was so peaceful), 2 melotonin's-one for the airport and one for the flight (N-Zilla is prescribed melotonin so you might want to check with your ped/doc first), ear drops, ring pops, and the sense to know when N-Zilla needed to walk around and get deep pressure hugs.  

Hope these tips can help any of you traveling with young children or children on the AU spectrum.

What are some things you do to help sooth your AU child on Airplane flights?


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Going on a Plane.

K...Vlogging is kinda a weird experience.

Any who...tomorrow we are flying.   I knew that I was going back home in the summer but the timing was a little different then expected.  I have been packing.  Sewing (I don't know why). Going to Speech and O.T visits. Washing clothes.  Calling Doctors etc.  And trying to entertain my 3 and 4 y/o.  It's been busy.

Among all the excitement I've forgotten to prepare N-Zilla for the airport.  For the past 3 days we have been talking about the Airport and looking at pictures of flying in a plane... I got some helpful links from fellow AU parents at MyAutismTeam.com. http://www.autismspeaks.org/sites/default/files/documents/family-services/chantal.pdf  and http://www.parentnetworkwny.org/documents/CASE/Planes%20and%20Autism.pdf.  I also went on http://www.sanantonio.gov/SAT.aspx

Today I will be finishing packing.  Any last minute things hopefully I will get done today because we have two last appointments before our vacation begins.  Not sure what exactly to bring for N-Zilla's Sensory Diet but I have all of today to figure it out (insert happy face here).  See you guys soon!

*Think of a sensory diet as a goody bag.  Things that will prevent melt downs. That are planned activities and items that are meant to sooth.   N-Zilla is a sensory seeking kind of guy so he will have a lot of sensory input goodies. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Occupational Therapy at home.

Recipe for awesome homemade occupational therapy moment at Casa Silva
  • 1 Trampoline courtesy of N-Zilla's God Parents
  • 1 set of River stones...again courtesy fo N-Zilla's God Parents
  • Floor matt.
  • Homemade weighted blanket
  • Homemade body sock.
  • Super Mario dolls lying around.
  • 1 sleepy Dad 
  • 1 hyper Little sister 
  • 1 excited N-Zilla
...And your ready to roll.