Sunday, April 17, 2011

Take me out to the ball game..

Today was Sunday..besides church...it's baseball and softball time...I never realized that when I signed up Crazy Horse and Son #1 for baseball/softball 3 years ago that our spring time weekends would be consumed by baseball, softball, snacks and dirt.  Also, I never anticipated that my kids would actually like the sport.  They do...and every season here we are cheering them on.  Mr. S is even the coach for Son #1.

Luckily since Gramma Utah is here, we have been able to split The Baby and N-Zilla up during games..First round N-Zilla comes to the game.  After, we drop N-Zilla off and pick The Baby up.  Usually, when Gramma Utah is not here, I have N-Zilla and The Baby..which makes for a very long day.

Today was one exciting day...Son #1's team got their first win 8-7...I would like to say that I sat and cheered along with the other parents..but the truth is, I was running after N-Zilla.  The boy just couldn't sit still.  There was more people then usual at our game.  Toward the end of the game N-Zilla was rubbing little rocks on his head.  When every one was cheering he was walking around the bleachers covering his ears.  I could tell he had had about enough. He was a trooper today...I felt as if I was watching two games today...Son #1's and N-Zilla my Loveable and Destructive little guy.  Today he won too..

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