Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now that you mention it....

Sometimes when I find out information that confirms SPD in our family I get choked up..other times I tell my self that it is ok because N-Zilla will grow out of it.

Today was a day that I got choked up...I realized that maybe the reason why Crazy Horse never liked me to comb her was that she had SPD...it was a daily thing.  Every morning she would cry.  NO, not just cry...completely break down.. It sounded as if she was being tortured every time I took a brush to her head.  I always thought she as just being difficult.  Thinking of all the times I yelled at her for not letting me comb her hair made me feel so bad as a parent. Now Crazy Horse's hair is always short.

Also today,  I watched N-Zilla as he took a nap.  His little body was twitching the whole time...No wonder he hardly seems rested when he wakes up..I remember the speech therapist asking me if he moved a lot in his sleep.  I didn't really know because up until today I never watched sleep.  When ever the boy sleeps I try to catch a few Z's myself or do something productive around the house.

Oh well...here's to learning and growing as a parent..

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