Wednesday, April 20, 2011

N-Zilla...My Loveable and Destructive, AND Insomniac two year old.

Well another sleepless night...

Lets say another sleepless night for me.  The good thing is my N-Zilla didn't keep me up by crying endlessly into the night.  He was just continuously moving until about 2:30 am.  That seems to be the magic number when he finally falls asleep.

Lets break it down...
10 pm N-Zilla rubs his head back and forth against the wall
10 something pm starts singing
11 pm rubs my arm then pinches my arm fat for at least 30minutes
12 N-Zilla tries desperately to find the right spot to put his foot, and always ends up on my butt
12:15 N-Zilla squeezes my neck rolls over and kicks his dad..rolls over and squeezes my neck...this repeats for awhile
1 am N-Zilla, my loveable and destructive insomniac decides he will sooth himself by pinching my earlobe with one hand and pulling my hair with the other...
2:30 I can't breath...I push the boy towards the middle of the bed, go to the bathroom, and he's sound asleep.

5:30 am  I get up to start my day...start to get disgruntled that I did not get enough sleep, then realized at least he wasn't crying for 5 hours straight.

I will take what I can get.

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