Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weighted Blanket Completed!

It is completed!   I'm not going to lie it was a bit difficult to put together.  There are some incredible sites that can tell you how and give you precise examples on how to make a weighted blanket and some are extremely confusing to follow...I like to think for the first go around, I did good. 
N-Zilla picked the Cars pattern.  Thank God...I couldn't handle staring at another Thomas the Train anything lying around the house.
The back side of the blanket was a pattern of the states and the capitals.  I know what your thinking...."Wow, you can teach him his state capitals".  True, but that is just a plus.  If you notice on the blanket there are pictures of things that represent the state. 

For example: Mississippi has a picture of a steam boat and Californian has a movie camera.  It is a great "focus" exercise.  Already, we laid down looking for all the trains on the blanket.  It's kinda like a I Spy...N-Zilla edition.  Another plus is we have family spread all over the United states; it's nice to say where so and so lives and show the picture.

Lastly, N-Zilla loves the texture of the hemming.   I might have got a little over zealous with the hemming; but I know my boy and if I just put a single stitch it would only be a matter of time before the blanket bust open.   By making (3 x around the edges) hem/stitching it made the border of the blanket have a different texture from the rest of the blanket.   When he was laying down he ran his fingers along the line. 

So far his favorite thing do do with this blanket is to have me count to three then throw the blanket over him.  Both him and The Baby played that game this morning.  I might have to make every one in the family their own weighted blanket. 

I feel so much better that I have something to send with him to school now.  Next project is to make a weight vest that doesn't make him look like a wienie.


2x  one yard and a half Material

 Plastice Pellets

1 borrowed sewing machine

Measuring tape.

Calculator: to figure out how many pellets to put in each square, then say F it and guesstimate.

End result one happy morning and a loveable and destructive boy in bed before 10pm.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's safe to have the t.v down.

We took the t.v off the wall today!  No, really this is amazing.  Since N-Zilla could walk we have had to put if not all, most things up.  Our biggest fear was the t.v.  falling on him and of course not having a t.v was a scarey thought to us too.    BUT...along with all the good and new things going on with N-Zilla, we've noticed that the t.v is no longer in danger of hurting the boy or being hurt by the boy. 

Don't get me wrong N-Zilla is still loveable and destructive as ever.  As a matter of fact it is 11pm and I am being poked with a broom by the boy.  Lets throw in that its 11pm and he is awake and is eating everything we just bought at the grocery store. 

no more of this!
"Seriously", there is still hurdles we are jumping...however I no longer have to strain my neck to watch t.v.  Things are moving up in the Silva house.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Give me that Rx!

It's decided....going to doctors and asking for Rx of Melatonin for N-Zilla.  At this point it's for my survival.  N-Zilla starts school in August and we cant have anymore 6am bedtimes.  Not only am I exhausted but I become resentful of Mr. S when he sleeps, and thats not right or good for our marriage.  

Other then the lack of sleep in this house...N-Zilla is doing great.  Talking more, more affectionate with me. He even survived a driving trip from TX to GA.  A few break downs but nothing too serious.  

Until our doctors appointment wish me luck that I get more then 2 hrs of sleep.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Non Categorical Autism

 After the A.R.D meeting dust has cleared...I was still a bit confused,  I found this link today  http://www.texasprojectfirst.org/DiagnosisVSDisability.html and it cleared the label Non-Categorical Autism up for me.  If you live in Texas and your child 3-5 years old with a special need check it out.  It breaks it down pretty easy enough.  It was actually easier to find then I thought I typed Non-Categorical Autism in the search engine.  A wonder why I didn't try to look this up early.