Monday, April 25, 2011

.....And on the fifth day there was Play!

N-Zilla was awesome.  I remember when my oldest daughter (Crazy Horse) turned one, I had cupcakes for her and Son #1 wanted all the attention.  N-Zilla was happy playing by himself but he also played great with the other toddlers at the house.  No tantrums when the other kids touched his trains.  And he politely as much as a 2 year old loveable and destructive boy can, asked for a non-frosted cupcake.  (Side note: I think for N-Zilla's 3rd birthday I am going to make non-frosted cupcakes.)  After the candle were blown out, and all the hub-bub was around the table watching The Baby eat her cupcake, The N-Zilla grabbed his Thomas the Train blanket and sat on the couch.


N-Zilla's first trip to Sea World San Antonio.  First stop...feed the dolphins.  We didn't feed the dolphins.  The line was to long but that didn't stop us from getting as close as we could do the dolphins.  I was a little embarrassed of my parental skills because my loveable and destructive two year old was yelling, " Ooooo, Fish"!  But given that he was only saying mom and dad  little less then a year ago...calling a mammal a fish seems acceptable.
   It got sticky twice during the day.  At the Bay of Play...we were sitting waiting to watch the show.  Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, and Zoe were gonna sing for the tots.  Mr. S and I let the big kids go off and do their own thing while we waited for live action Sesame Street.  Mr. S had The Baby, and I had N-Zilla.  Less then a few minutes into waiting and N-Zilla had had enough.  I looked around and saw all the other toddlers sitting..fidgeting a little, but N-Zilla was going into full blown destructive mode. I could see Mr. S trying to keep his patience.  So, once again I was the mom in the crowd of people; holding her son rocking back and forth, While Mr. S squeezed his arms and legs (that calms him down). The show started and commenced the N-Zilla dance-a-thon.
  Second sticky situation...Rosita's all you can eat buffet.  Usually N-Zilla carries his Thomas bag where ever he goes.  At restaurants, I usually sit him at a table by him self..he sets up his track and trains..then eats.  We didn't bring his bag to Sea World...First we had found a booth big enough for all the gang...but N-Zilla was gonna get destructive.  I didn't want to ruin lunch for everyone.  I sat N-Zilla at a table near everyone else.  Mr. S and I sat at the table with N-Zilla and The Baby.   I felt good that Mr. S chose to sit alienated with me.  He doesn't usually get to see this side of N-Zilla our very loveable and destructive son.  Once again N-Zilla was getting antsy...this time he grabbed my hand put them on his arm and made the motion for me to pinch his arm.  It wasn't too bad, their was a few kids who I'm sure didn't have sensory issues jumping over the booths.  Which made N-Zilla look loveable and docile.  
  I took the two younger ones to see the Shamu show (it's not called that but you know that I meant killer whale).  All in all it was a great first Trip to Sea World San Antonio.. Hopefully next time I will have a camera. 
not just the cell phone.

Picture taken by B.A Martin.  N-Zilla looking at the roller coaster.  


This day not so good.  The older kids were invited to a birthday part of our close friends son.  We all went..cause..what the heck, it's good to get out of the house.  We went to ZTD's.  I don't know what that stands for but it's like a Scandia (in southern California).  Two steps into the door and I could tell that my boy was over whelmed.  Their was this sound that was driving him crazy...every time it went off N-Zilla covered his ears..
We left early...the big kids stayed with the guest of honor.


With out going to every detail...we went to the river for Easter...and N-Zilla was perfectly happy playing with his trains in the middle of the crowd.
Playing with his trains.  Picture taken by my crappy Black Berry

Sometime while making myself  a sandwich, N-Zilla decided to be a ninja and disappear. I looked up and he was gone  My biggest fear when at the river is that one of my kids will drown or a pedophile will kidnap them.  I started yelling out his name...turns out the boy was at the park...I wanted to cry...but instead I spanked him...(ya..I..know).


Monday was just another day.  Except, today was the first time that I saw N-Zilla do pretend play! Even when he is playing with his moon sand, he some how makes it about trains.  However, today I was taking pictures of  The Baby....then N-Zilla picked up a container and started pretending to take pictures.  He made the sound of the flash and turned the container around to "look" at the picture.  I know that this doesn't sound like a big idea...but N-Zilla hasn't done pretend play outside of trains and cars for the past 2 1/2 years, so today was a milestone!  It just reminded me of how I took for granted these types of things when Crazy Horse and Son # 1 were babies.
N-Zilla pretending to take pictures

Of course he had to take pictures of his Thomas Trains.

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