Friday, April 29, 2011

Midnight ramblings of a nervous mother

Tomorrow is N-Zilla's Doctors appointment..I'm kinda of nervous, and part of me feels like this is just an other Doc's appointment.

Instead of getting all the speech therapy notes etc...Me and N-Zilla watched Whale Rider.  I should be making sure his list of words are up to date, and I should have a list of question prepared for the Doctor.  But I'm not..I'm here blogging.  I should be in bed..every one is asleep...it's hard to sleep when Mr. S is at work over night. Since Grandma Utah is here I've forgotten how lonely and quite the house can get at this time of night/morning.  I wish Mr. S can go with me tomorrow, but I know he will be dog tired...and truth be told, I still think he is uncomfortable and unsure about all of this.  It makes it hard to talk about SPD, I feel like I have to play it down for Mr. S.  It's not his fault...I'm just patiently waiting when we can openly and comfortably talk about N-Zilla and SPD. I want Mr. S to know that our N-Zilla is not broken, that he doesn't need to be fixed.  He is loveable, Sensational, and destructive in every way that he should be. 

I think I am going to interview Mr. S...He doesn't have blog, really no outlet to talk about this stuff.  It's time that Mr.S voice be heard, and that he hear his voice too.
I want to know what he is going through, from his own words.

Well, I guess coming soon Interview with Mr. S.

Any suggestions on what to ask him? 

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