Saturday, April 30, 2011

N-Zilla strikes again..

N-Zilla my Loveable and Destructive little guy strikes again.  Victim was dad.  N-Zilla broke his glasses.  Grandma Utah and I where enjoying our morning and quite in the front living room.  During some good conversation I hear a heavy sigh.  It was Mr. S, it was his way of letting me know that the peace and quite I was enjoying just moments earlier was too good to be true. 

Mr. S walked into the front living room with his glassed in two.   I don't know how he did it, but N-Zilla broke the frame right down the middle (the part that goes over the bridge of the nose).  This is the third pair of glasses that had ceased at the hands of N-Zilla.  The first 2 were mine.    I would have felt worse for Mr. S if he hadn't blamed me for being on one end of the house while N-Zilla was at the other end (with Mr. S). AND....that he has contacts, work glasses, and industrial glue (which he used and fixed his glasses).

N-Zilla, we need our four eyes so we can see what your are doing!

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