Friday, March 22, 2013

If you give a mother a copy of OT then she will obsess

After all these years (all of 3 years)  I keep thinking that I get the hang of this whole Autism thing.  Then something happens like a OT assessment then I'm left questioning myself on what I could have done in the past 3 years to help N-Zilla more. 

Recently...a little over a month now N-Zilla has been going to speech therapy in Alamo Heights at Pediatrics Therapy assc.   Even more recently he had a OT evaluation.  This past Wednesday was his first OT Therapy Session.  Usually the first are more formal and the Therapist briefly talks to you about the eval and get some tips from you and they tell you some tips.  Then you leave the room while your child and therapist do OT

You get a copy of the parent guide and sign a few papers.  You get a copy of the results.  I save those to read in the car on the ride home, and again at night before I go to bed, and once more in the morning at work behind a desk drinking my coffee to let it really sink in.  

"3-4 times a week".  

*Sigh...such things are life.  

In the meantime:

  • kids are back in sport including N-Zilla and excluding Talulah-she is too young-.
  • I harbor a secret grudge that Mr. S has yet to ask me about N-Zilla's OT, Speech or about my day.
  • The time change hasn't sunk in at our house yet.  3 out 5 day's we've missed the bus.

Until the next OT.  Have a great day folks.