Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"He only acts like this because of you"......Breath in Breath out and don't take it personal.

This post is just to vent a little...as if the others weren't, but I just got to let out a little steam.

N-Zilla lately....Like the past week has been a bit more destructive then loveable, And that's o.k.....it happens...to all of us, SPD, Speech Delay, Sleep deprived...whoever.  No human being is immune to the dreaded Bad Week.  I have one on average once a month (please hold the "time of the month" joke).

My Loveable and Destructive 2 year old is having a bad week!  Gramma Utah is visiting, it was important that I let her know about N-Zilla's schedule.  It's nothing fancy just the regular schedule.  It's just like the one they have at your kids pre-school giving the times for the daily activities.

Obviously from my previous post I've stated that if I fall behind schedule the N-Zilla as loveable as he is gets in touch with his more destructive side.  Since Gramma Utah has came to visit I haven't been on top of things schedule wise...we have had more fits and break downs...  Gramma Utah give her pearls of wisdom, "You spoil him", "it's not him, it's you", "your making a bigger issue out it"(which for the invisible record of this blog....I AM NOT!  I don't bring up any issues when he is crying, Gramma Utah likes to point out that he is "throwing a fit...not cause he's special either")

My N-Zilla is a toddler...and what ever this SPD or delay is..it is not a behavior  problem...I desperately wish that I could articulate it in such a way that Gramma Utah would understand.  I wish I could word it right when talking about it to anyone so that I don't sound like a overbearing mother.  I wish that when N-Zilla has a hard time with anything...people didn't stair at him and think..is he just having a melt down or is it spd.

I despise the phrase,"he only acts like this when your here".  There are so many ways to respond to that..but whats the point.

In short...N-Zilla, good, bad, sleep deprived what ever the day brings....is wonderful, loveable and special in every way that a son could be.

;) now i feel better


  1. I think Grandma Utah and my MIL may be one in the same. Don't let other people tell you different. YOU know your son... up down, in between.

    You are an amazing mother and don't let anyone else put any doubt in your mind EVER!!!!

  2. AWWWW...Mothers...what-a-ya-gonna do...lol