Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's not cute every single day....

Tonight was the baaaad night....or day.  Today was just conformation that I'm is right.  N-Zilla has a schedule..

N-Zilla is moving from the time he wakes up til he falls to asleep and with out direction or something to do my house pays dearly...Today every part of my house has seen the wrath of N-Zilla my Loveable and Destructive two year old.

Today I couldn't help it..I have a dead  line tomorrow for a class...I needed to get it done.  I could hear the Cherrio's hitting the floor as typed away. 

It's days like this I dislike being a mom.  It's days like this I want to put the t.v on and let the kids zone out...Matter of fact I did...didn't work.  I had to go on.

Tonight N-Zilla just wouldn't stop.  I had enough....I had to stop working.  I laid down with him.  I got kicked, slapped and I think my eye was poked.  N-Zilla wouldn't sit/lay still.   It reminded me of the days when he was a baby...the boy would not sleep...he was up until 4am....moving..tossing and turning...and crying.

Lately I feel like those days are back...
you can't tell but he's crying...that's how most of our dining experience's where until lately.  

I put the schedule up for us to help N-Zilla..maybe he wouldn't be so destructive just loveable through out the week...Sometimes I feel maybe I'm over doing it...just leave it alone, "he'll grow out of it" but tonight reminded me of what we were going through a few months  ago...Everyday.  If I keep him busy for the majority of the day I don't feel overtaken and I'm sure N-Zilla feels more in control of him self. 

My goal is to make the play area a little Sensory area for N-Zilla...and The Baby...what the heck...For Son #1 and Crazy Horse too! 

So yeah I have a schedule taped in the kitchen, and I moved the outside toys into sections for N-Zilla.....some might think I'm overreacting...but one day with out the schedule and I want to run out side cry and smoke cigarettes.  I'm gonna try to not let my work interfere with N-Zilla my Loveable and Destructive boy's day..or any of my kids for that matter...sure I might age a little more..but if it avoids outburst like tonight and late night cleaning...then I don't mind.

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