Friday, March 25, 2011

Rollie Pollie...the gate way Bug...

(First, my pictures are going to be bad quality for a while.  My Loveable and Destructive son put my Camera that Mr. S got me for Valentines day in the fish tank.  Any pictures that I put up that are in good quality are pre-water function.  Bare with me,  We have birthday's, promotions, and baptisms.  After all that..if nothing else comes up, I'll get a brand new (water proof) camera)

Today was Speech Therapy, and thank goodness N-Zilla was in a better mood this time.  We had a scheduled S/T on Monday; however the N-Zilla woke right after Mr. S went to work.  He didn't want to be held, ignored, talked to, and he wanted milk then he didn't want milk.  He wanted Thomas and Friends on but apparently I put the wrong one on.  At 6am I couldn't take it any more.  I went in my room to do some home work and listened to music to help drown out N-Zilla's crying....at 6:30am he fell asleep.  That was great except he didn't wake up for S/T.  He shook his head no and went back to sleep.  We rescheduled for Thursday.

N-Zilla was bright eyed and up early this morning.  This meant that I had to be too.  It also meant that we had a limited time to be cooped up in the house before N-Zilla would expire.  

Poured my self the best store brand (HEB) coffee....got the boy dressed and ventured out into the front lawn.  I figured we'd plant some flowers.  N-Zilla has shown interest in flowers lately.  I opened the bag of potting soil...gave N-Zilla his mini shovel to scope the dirt out.  It lasted all about 1 minute.  As soon as he touched the damp soil he shook his heads and said, "No, bug".  His interest faded quickly.  

I tried having him sit in my lap while while I planted the flowers...N-Zilla began banging his head against my chest...quickly I could see that wasn't gonna work.  N-zilla wasn't "throwing a fit", he just clearly did not like the dirt and sitting in my lap.  He didn't mind sitting and watching me.  He was my cheerleader saying, "o cul", "aww floweer". 

I wanted to try to get him involved because I could see his eyes shifting toward the blasted HEB Buddy bag that he carries with him ALWAYS! It holds his Thomas the Train tracks and trains.

I got some paint and gave him a paint brush.  What I really wanted to do was put the kids hand prints on the planter...but N-Zilla doesn't like paint on his hands. So I gave him the brush....He sat for while painting ( a few minutes).  It was a victory because he was calm and focused, at peace....paint eventually got on his hand and he called it quiets and moved on to his Buddy Bag.

The Speech Therapist came shortly after that...but it took 30 minutes to get him to venture out side of Thomas.

The day went pretty smooth after that.  I find that as long as I keep him busy from the time he wakes up til he lets me know he is ready to slow down (about 11:30), things go pretty good.  Only problem about that....I have The Baby and a full Load of On-line Classes and dead lines, tweens, and the house.  It gets sticky sometimes.  And honestly when ever I am focused on one, the other  gets neglected or not 100% of my 100%.  It can get mentally exhausting.  So at the end of the day..when it looks like I did nothing in the house...my brain is trying to remember if every body got what they needed through out the day and the dog got fed.

Night time went good too...to  tired to fight N-Zilla to sleep in his own bed, Mr S and I surrender and let the boy lay down with us.  Singing song's and saying rhymes, I think Mr. S got to bond with N-Zilla and see that he wants to speak so bad it almost looks like it hurts..but in stead he repeats "Thomas", and " Cu's Cu's" (blues clues).  I think he does this, because he knows that we understand him when he says those words.

I forgot to mention...another huge accomplishment...N-Zilla didn't freak out when I showed him a rollie pollie..he didn't touch it...but he didn't lose it when he saw it...hopefully rollie pollie's are his gateway bug.

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