Wednesday, March 23, 2011

N-Zilla....Loveable and Destructive

N-Zilla....My 2 very soon to be 3 y/o Loveable and Destructive son.  He is #3 of 4 kids.  And yes is 2 and everything that goes with that...I've read several different times that living with toddlers is like living with a drunk or at a frat house.  This is true. 

Recently (6 months ago) I realized that N-Zilla wasn't saying much...just Mom and point to the fridge for milk.  But was super active...In fact so active that he was constantly moving even while sitting in my lap. Also so Loveable and Destructive that every time I had to use the bath room...something was broken, swallowed, or spilled.  All of the time!  And the constant crying :( Now...I have four kids, two of which that are far from toddler-hood and knocking at the tween years...I know toddlers are well...mini drunks...But my N-Zilla is a bit more.  I know...every kid is different.blah.blah.blah.  I know, I have four.

Fast forward N-Zilla is in ECI (early childhood intervention), speech therapy.  It's is awesome!  he is now up to 80 words and 5 sentence, that is leaps and bounds for us.

I am married but I feel that I am going through this alone.  Mr. S works a lot (just out of the house a lot), Recently I have had anxiety...N-Zilla has taken my house hostage, I'm trying to get a hold of that.  Also, I have been getting more looks when in public with my Loveable and Destructive boy because he is constantly moving, and the fact that I constantly have to talk when out in public.., "oh look at that N-Zilla"...."N-Zill, put this in the basket."..."Yes, that is blue...car... truck...baby"...If I don't continuously engage with the N-Zilla the trip to where ever can get pretty bad...trust me, this leading me to look like a mad women at the store. Plus holding the baby too. 

Among other things...N-Zilla doesn't like to touch paint, glue, etc nothing sticky oh his hands...freaks out at the sight of bugs. Recently he will sit long enough to flip though a book(accomplishment)! Lady S (m-i-l) stairs at my son when he has a tantrum, "My kids where never like that". And, "N-Zilla is worse then Mr. S was when he was little...you have it bad"...this are some of the nicer comments I hear.  All these things add up...sooo hence the blog...I feel better already!

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