Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...And Then He Bit me.....

The last few days have been a mental roller-coaster....trying to find some info about Sensory Processing Disorder...talk about Sensory over load for me....and not to mention we are all still morning the death of Wasabie (our doggie).

It was hard to weed through the info on the web...when you type in symptoms first things that pop up is Autism and ADHD...Finally got to Sensory Processing Disorder..and I was getting all torn up inside because lots of the symptoms Crazy Horse (daughter. .9 yr old) ...but she seems to have out grown it about the time I signed her up for Soft Ball...

The whole Sensory thing seems to be effecting N-Zilla in a whole different/opposite way.  Also what was a little discouraging was that their is not really preventive health for this kinda thing...I kinda have to wait til N-Zilla gets in a school setting (again) and acts out...not participate..or regress...

As of right now it seems like my Insurance won't cover Occupational Therapy or Sensory Toys that N-Zilla could benefit from.  I've come to grips with that.  What ever it takes..Even if I have to make my own flash cards and glue sand outlining the letters. 

Found out some helpful info...and still looking for blogs about parents that are going through Sensory issues and/or speech therapy...So please if your out there..send a comment.
Went with Sun Shine (my cousin) to Lake Shore... to see what they had...we also went to the mall and other stores had lunch together...I love Sunshine for the way she loves N-Zilla.  Poor thing has been victim to N-Zilla's Loveable and Destructive ways...things have been broken, lost, and ripped.  Sunshine is on board with N-Zilla...she doesn't treat him any different.  When buying things for N-Zilla she actually goes out of her ways to see if it will benefit N-Zilla.  Like the Silly Bands she got for N-Zilla, "Oh this should be good for sensory and colors".  She's totally looking out for N-Zilla..

Our last stop was Target....then straight off to Softball practice...I was filling drained but also in a good mood... N-Zilla was good at the stores...didn't pee in his underwear...he laid on the floor a couple of times...but no biggie.  And then he BIT ME!

In all of his life (2 2.5 years) the boy has never bit me.  What the hell! N-Zilla wouldn't let got..I thought he was leaning in for a kiss...now I'm going to be sporting a welt for the next day....

Hours later The Baby bit me on my shoulder...Go figure.

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