Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sensory Play...Aka My Living Room

Turing the play section into a sensory play area...Keeping N-Zilla in mind...Wish I had my camera so I could take pictures of it..but that's right...one day N-Zilla made it sleep with the fishy's...

I'm trying to find what I can with out spending $50 dollars at a time...Lake Shore had some awesome stuff but I have four kids which equal to 20.

At the trip to the $ store today I found a magnetic fishing set.  I put the fish in rice..N-Zilla loves it..It kept him busy while I did some home work.  Only cost me 2$ plus tax...the fish set and a plastic container to keep it in. 

I also put the silly bands that Sunshine got for N-Zilla in a plastic container with cotton balls.  Another keeper.

N-Zilla only knocked over his play area once today!  I'm not being sarcastic..I am really excited about that.
If any one else has any homemade Idea's leave a comment..

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