Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Cards the N-Zilla way

We've stop taking pictures with the professionals.  Last time I took the kids to The Picture People N-Zilla was a little less then a year.

I've learned that taking pictures the traditional way is just not for us right now.  I've got a tween, a three year old and my N-Zilla.

 If you have your own N-Zilla you know that when taking pictures of your kiddo won't always look at the camera or smile on cue. Pictures are blurry, and it's always hard for me to see one of our family being the odd man out in pictures.  I figured if one of us is not going to look at the camera...none of us are.

I decided this year we were going to look for N-Zilla for photo advice and follow suite.

I took the pictures on different days...depending on the moods of who wanted to take a picture.  Most of us were in our pajamas.  It was fun and our Christmas card came out cute.  Sure I mailed them out on the 21st and our loved ones will most likely receive them after Christmas...but I think they will like them all the same.  Merry Christmas every one...From our N-Zilla Family to Yours.

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