Saturday, June 29, 2013

Follow Up...We went on a plane!

Well it has been a few day since we've landed. Between visiting with my sister and nephew, going to a birthday party, and a baby shower I haven't had much time for social media let alone blogging.  But here we are...wanted to follow up on how the flight went.  

I tried Vlogging earlier today....but I failed miserably.  I tried again at night....again...fail.  The Kiddo's where just not having it.  Now they are asleep and I am in no shape to be in front of the camera...soooo just good old fashion blogging for this one.
(I want every one to know that it has since been a few days since I started this post...lots of things to do you know)

First...I had anticipated very long lines at the airport.  That is what I am use too.  Son #1 and Crazy Horse go to  Las Vegas at least twice a year and we have to get to the airport 2 hrs early so we can wait in a long line for tickets so we can wait in a long line at security and so on and so on.  

The day we went to the airport...No.One.Was. There.  Hardly no one.  I think that helped making our experience a smooth one.

Also being prepared I like to think Helped.    

As expected N-Zilla had some moments of Anxiety but these are the things that we did and it made for smooth experience.

1) Bring someone to help you

First the greatest asset that I had was Tia Felicia aka Bestie aka Cup Of  Java Momma.  Not only is she my bff for 15+ years and we are kinda sorta related thrice removed, she is also my childcare provider.  In short she gets me and my kids.  
She drove me to the Airport. Helped by bringing a double stroller (she’s has twinsies).  Now…if you go to the Airport and happen not to have a bff that has a double stroller and you happen to have a child on the Autism spectrum you can ask for a wheel chair.  I asked for a "non-boarding pass" for the bestie.  Usually this is for parents who have unaccompanied minors.  You can go with them to the terminal lobby and wait til they board,  also if you have a special need as in our case.  Just explain you situation when you are checking your luggage.The Bestie was able to go through security with us and wait at the terminal 

2) Hat and Sun glasses
My N-Zilla wears a hat most of the time.  It helps him keep focus and not get distracted so easily.  Wearing a hat and sunglasses slows down all the stimulation going on in busy places like the Airport.

                                                                   3) Social Story

Make a Social Story (*social story describes a situation, skills, or concept).  I went on google image and printed pictures that N-Zilla would see at the airport and printed a picture of my sister and niece.  These where the familiar faces N-Zilla (and Talulah) where going to see when we landed.    This helps to know what is going to be expected.  We read the book the night before and N-Zilla held the book at the airport and we read along as we went through each step.

4) Picture Schedule. First/Then
N-Zilla uses a picture schedule at school, speech/Ot, and home.  He doesn't have to use them all the time but they are very helpful especially in new situations.  I used the same pictures I used for the social story.    I put the pictures in a 2 part sequence. Ex: First airport. Then Tickets.  First security check. Then Lobby. 

5) Headphones and Tablet 

N-Zilla wore his big brothers headphones which drowned out some of the noise and played on his tablet for most of the plane ride.  It diffidently kept his attention.  N-Zilla wore the headphones even when he wasn't using the tablet.  

 The important five:

  • A person who knows your child's needs.  
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Social Story. 
  • Picture Schedule.  
  • Tablet and Headphones.  

Not to mention a empty airport ( I suggest flying out of the newer part of San Antonio Airport it was so peaceful), 2 melotonin's-one for the airport and one for the flight (N-Zilla is prescribed melotonin so you might want to check with your ped/doc first), ear drops, ring pops, and the sense to know when N-Zilla needed to walk around and get deep pressure hugs.  

Hope these tips can help any of you traveling with young children or children on the AU spectrum.

What are some things you do to help sooth your AU child on Airplane flights?



  1. I'm so glad to hear your airport and flight experiences went smoothly! It's great you're sharing your tips and resources here, Adriana.

    1. Thanks Colleen :) I hope I can help other parents.

  2. Great post. I have a student that made his first successful trip via plane and I would like to think that our hard work and practice with social stories and picture schedules at school made a difference!

  3. Thanks @happyaccidentshappentoo. Yes! practice, social stories, and picture schedules help soooo much. I am a big believer in them :)

  4. What a wonderful post! Def helpful for people that might be travelling with special needs children. Thanks for sharing! :) Hope you continue to have a wonderful visit!!

    1. Thank you @candy...nxt we prepare for Disney