Friday, May 13, 2011

Where was I...Oh yeah; Black eye, School District, and Moon Sand

It is now 6:13pm and I think we left of somewhere around 12 or 1.  I can't be sure.  The house is silent except for the sound of my playlist The Baby crawling around.  N-Zilla is actually asleep, the T.V is off, Crazy Horse is at her friends, Mr. S and Son #1 are at Base ball practice.

I will totally take advantage of this time to blog, shower and watch reality T.V.

As many blogs that have been neglected for a while, I will start off with...I've been busy...lots have happened etc...etc...etc.

First off I recently realized at N-Zilla's last speech session that the next one will be his last.  He will be turning three in July.  No more ECI for him. No more Flora, Fauna, and Merry-weather (The names are from Disneyland Sleeping Beauty. The three fairy's that helped Princess Aurora's parents in their time of need.  That's how I see these ladies).  I got a little sad when "Flora" looked through her calender to schedule for next month.  This year has gone by to fast.  I'm not ready to let go of my training wheels that give me the courage and reassurance.  And most of all some balance I need.

This particular day didn't go so well.  Mostly Flora and I talked because I double booked yet again (unknowingly).  Earlier that day N-Zilla had his (2nd) assessment with the school district.  I was pretty optimistic.  N-Zilla is speaking more word and saying them clear.  I was sure they were going to say, "N-Zilla's mom, your boy does not need early pre-school because he is a talking genius"!, "You really did jump the gun putting him in ECI, no you and N-Zilla go and enjoy the rest of your week".   N-Zilla even walked into the building confident.  He walked down the hall talking all sorts of jargon.  This letting me know he felt comfortable.

During the assessment I sat at the "parent" table.  I did good.  I totally paid no attention to N-Zilla and the Speech Pathologist.  I pulled out my phone logged on to the Daily Beast and Babble.  Caught up on some reading and emails.  But then the questions started. "Would you say he likes Thomas the Train or is he obsessed"?   "Is his behavior similar or different then your other children" ?  Great, why can't any specialist just give me a definite answer so I know what to do for my boy.  Honestly, I thought he did great.

At the end, the Speech Pathologist told me that she would add up the scores then give me a call.  Well, I got a call.  This time from another specialist.  Honestly, I don't know what type..she told me but I can't remember . (Oh if your wondering if the house is still quite...no.  It lasted about 30 minutes.  N-Zilla fell of the couch and has been crying for about 30 minutes for Thomas.  The baby is asleep and the girls are playing Just Dance).  She ended the conversation telling me that there were some concerns she had, and she wanted to rule out Autism.  Those words...that label.  How was I suppose to feel.

When your pregnant you dread to hear D word.  Down Syndrome. And after the baby is born you dread to hear the A word. Autistic.   I didn't feel either way when making the appointment for his assessment.  Hopefully this will be his last with the school district.  Shortly after getting off the phone my mind went racing.  What do you mean you have some concerns?  Didn't he answer your questions to the best of his 2 year old degree.  Didn't he interact with you how he is suppose to? Didn't he...?  I have gut feeling that his SPD had gotten the best of him that day.  What ever that means.  I kept on saying that he was two, and I was reminded that he would be turning three very shortly.  I called Mr. S to give him the 411.  I wish I hadn't.  It just upset him.  He said that their was nothing wrong with him.  I don't even think N-Zilla has Autism but I found myself defending Autistic Human Beings every where, "And so what if he is, their is nothing WRONG with that".  "People that have Autism are not wrong...he isn't broken".  We were having an argument before their was even papers signed for an assessment.  I had to end the conversation saying that well we are just ruling it out. Lets not jump to conclusions.    This was Wednesday.  He had the Speech assessment Monday.

Thursday Night I was whacked something awful by my N-Zilla.  We have been doing a new night time routine with him to get him to bed before the sun comes up for the new day.  So far it has been working. We are still in the trial run.  I will post our routine later.

Thursday night was a little rough but nothing too bad.  N-Zilla and I were taking pictures on my phone.  It was soothing to him, but the right went all wrong in seconds.  I wish I could show you a happy picture of us moments before I got a black eye, but I am trying to keep like Clark Kent.

N-Zilla my loveable and destructive 2 soon to be 3 year old yelled no, threw his head back and hit the brow of my eye.  Holy Moly, I saw stars.  I'm sure this is how it feels to be kicked in the testicles.  Not as bad as child birth but pretty painful.  I got nauseous, my jaw locked and I curled up in a ball.  Now I have been hit in my life time...but never like that.  The only thing that comes close to the hypothetical kick to the balls is being hit in the nose.   Now the only thing I have to worry about is when I go to Crazy Horse's game tomorrow, that I look like a battered women. 

Now to today.  Friday...MOON SAND.  This has been awesome for N-Zilla.  However, as loveable as he his he got a bit destructive with sand.  I didn't do our routine this morning.  I was a bad mommy.  I put on NetFlix for him so I could clean the house.

After putting a load of laundry in and putting the folded clothes in the kids room, I came around the corner to pink moon sand on the floor of N-Zilla's play area which also is The Baby's play area and family room AND is right next to the kitchen and my bed room door.  Phew, that was a lot of "ands".  I had to completely stop everything that I was doing.  The Baby wanted to be held and if I wasn't paying attention to the boy he would dump all the toys on the floor.  I should have saw it coming.  This morning he threw his plate of eggs on the floor then wrapped himself in his blanket.

So I put on 16 and Pregnant and things eventually calmed down.

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