Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Night time sensory diet.

It was getting a little hectic here with all the lack of sleep that was going on.  So for the past three weeks I have been fine tuning a Night time sensory diet.  Most nights it works, some nights it doesn't but it is a whole lot better then being Sleepless in San Antonio.

Night Time Sensory Diet:
(not every night things are done in the same order)

1. Walk around our neighborhood
Try walk for 20 minutes This is a good opportunity to work on his vocab and speech. Some days he doesn't talk, he just makes train and car sounds. He is getting pretty creative with the sounds.  Airplanes sounds have been added to the family.

2. Dinner time.
Dinner time is either before or after the walk.  It really does depend on every one else schedule.

3.Occupational Time.
I'm trying to incorporate the whole family in this.  I am desperately trying not to make my other children feel like they are being left out.  N-Zilla does some jumping jacks and dancing with Son #1 and Crazy Horse, followed by moving heavy objects.  This is the scariest part of OT.  I twisted my ankle last week chasing N-Zilla. He was running towards the street.  Also during this episode I feel down and bruised my palm.  Plus, I got a black eye a while back when N-Zilla threw his head back.  Despite all that I venture on with the weights.  Some where in the near future I will have to purchase weighted medicine balls

I have N-Zilla fill his toys in a basket and lift them as high (and safely) as he canWe end with a blanket roll or the Burrito.  I roll him up in a blanket and I pat his body or drag him in the blanket until he gets undone.   All the kids love this.

4. Bath time.  
I usually clean two birds with one bath.  The Baby and N-Zilla take a bath while Crazy Horse and Son #1 get to hang out with dad with out the little ones butting in. 

5. Bed time.
Put The Baby down with her bottle. Crazy Horse and Son# 1 take shower so they go straight to bed (most nights without a fight). N-Zilla gets his sippy cup lays on my bed.  All the lights off, except the light form the computer.  Play song Air Plane by Local Natives. Over and Over again until he falls asleep.

So far works like a charm and he hasn't gotten up destructive.

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