Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can I get paid for doing our own O/T?

N-Zilla had his assessment today.  I never know what to do during these things.  I just sat their and tried not to pay to much attention.  At one point he was playing with a baby doll.  It was the cutest thing.  Two reasons; this is the second time I have seen him do Pretend play and while he pushed the doll in the stroller he told me "eeewwwweee, the baby pooped". How could I not laugh out loud.

I don't know what is going to happen from here.  I'm trying to take matters in my own hands.  This past week or so, we have started a new night time routine with N-Zilla.  Something does need to change thought because as you read in And the list goes on, The loveable and destructive Zilla has taken hostage of my house again. 

Tonight we did some occupational therapy of our own at home.  Some jumping jacks, catch, and lifting a weight.  I was a little scared of that one. In the past two weeks I have bruised my palm and ankle, threw my leg out, and looked like a dork because I fell down chasing N-Zilla outside trying to catch him before he went into the street.  And of course the shiner. 

We also used a heavy blanket to roll N-Zilla in.  He seems to really like that one.  We ended with sitting in the tent (blanket hanging over couch).  It seems good so far. 

Tomorrow I will be starting a new morning OT routine.  I'm gonna have to become more structured for this on.  Keep you all posted on how it goes and if it is working for us.

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