Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poop goes in the potty.

I know...I know.  No one else but me is interested in m kids toilet training habits.  But best believe when the time comes that N-Zilla actually uses the potty I will be tweeting, FB'ing, and I might even put a ad in the paper.

Taking a break from the toleit.

It's discouraging to me because Son #1 and Crazy Horse where potty trained by 2.  Tiger Lily (The Baby) is showing interest on using the potty.  She's in the first stages...but my N-Zilla is gonna be 4 this summer and has no interest.

We've tried everything.  Stickers. Singing. Snacks. NetFlix in the bathroom.  Everything.

It's just not working.

Sooo...Mrs. Awesome and I have decided that we are putting a halt to the potting training at home and at school.  It was starting to do more harm then good.  At home and at school.  It's so frustrating for us...so we know how much more frustrating it is on him.

Goodbye Yo Gabba Gabba Chonies and hello (again) Target Brand Pull-Ups. For now.


  1. Take a deep breath. Bub didn't start using the toilet consistently until he was 6, and we are still convincing him that pooping in the potty EVERY TIME is a good idea, and he's 7. most of the parents I've talked to w/ older kids on the spectrum have indicated potty training usually starts making sense to our kiddos around 6-8 y/o. We started trying and stopped w/ Bub at 18 m/o, 2.5 y/o, 4 y/o, & 5 y/o. He started when he wanted to, no matter what bribes or consequences I came up with. we still have poo issues w/ his bedroom floor, but that's the only place, and we are going on day 8 no poop on floor!!! (this is a record). don't give up hope, giving it a break is good if it's causing more anxiety than interest. FYI- target will accept store and manufacturing coupons on the same product. Horde those coupons!!! and do the pampers/huggies points online to get extra coupons, it saved our a$$es ;) Nina

  2. Thanks! I just got a target card just for the 5% off.
    thanks again.

  3. Try the towel potty training method.