Thursday, February 2, 2012

N-Zilla and Mrs Awesome

I have a son.  His name is N-Zilla.  He has his own Hashtag on twitter.  And he is lovable and destructive.

My Lovable and Destructive Son, N-Zilla, has a Pre-K teacher.  She is Awesome.

She is awesome because she loves her job and because of that loves N-Zilla.

 Mrs. Awesome loves her Job and N-Zilla who has his very own Hashtag, because of that he is doing great things.  Like...Talking and counting.

N-Zilla counted to 13 yesterday.  This morning he said "No", and "Where's my head phones"?

N-Zilla my Lovable and Destructive Talking Counting son loves school!

I love him and Mrs. Awesome!

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