Thursday, September 1, 2011

An ode to Pre-K

N-Zilla's very first open house! It went good.  For the most part.  I'm not counting him running back stage while the principle was talking. And the shake-of-the-head from fellow pre-k parent.  Ya, N-Zilla could not sit still while pre-k teachers where talking to us parents.  So, Ronny from Jersey Shore decided to stair at me while saying oh my God under his breath.  After that everything was good.

I saw his class room.  Of course he went straight to the trains. I saw his name on the rug and right next to it was a yellow chair.  I had a feeling that the chair was for him.  I was right.  But, it was ok.  I'm glad his teacher is working with him not against him.  She also has high expectations for him.  This is good, we have had the opposite experience when N-Zilla was in day care.

The reason for the yellow chair...it gives N-Zilla the space he needs while being apart of circle time.  I asked his teacher if he was sitting long enough for circle time.  She said he is sitting for the most part and but not engaging quit yet.  I'm so happy that his teachers don't just let him wonder the class room so he doesn't "disturb" circle time.  He sits for one circle full circle time (the class has three).  Second circle time, he gets to go to the bath room early.  Third circle time...he walks around.

I really am happy that N-Zilla is in school.  I do feel that he has teachers that are on his team.  I see how interactive the teacher is with all the kids.  Going to open house tonight was a weight lifted off my shoulders.  I got to ask questions and get answers.  Not once did I get the run around and no one was underestimating or overestimating my Loveable and Destructive guy.

Someday when I get a camera I will show you some more of our Loveable and Destructive world.   In the meantime school is one the best things that could have happened for N-Zilla.

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