Friday, September 23, 2011

C'mon Mom Get The Led Out.

I actually do not know what has gotten in to me because there has been plenty to blog about when it comes to my N-Zilla.  Yes, he still is Loveable and Destructive. And yes, we still have our bouts of insomnia.  Not as much as before...maybe once or twice a week.

There has been bus rides, home work and a visit to B.A Martins house AND no cats where harmed!  This might seem like useless mundane yada yada yada's to you...but for us, for my N-Zilla it's huge.

Seriously (yikes I said it again), having N-Zilla being baby sat out side his comfort zone was a pretty big deal.  Of course I was a nervous wreck at the movies.  I totally trust B.A Martin. but I was having visions of the cats hanging from the ceiling fan and all those pretty decorations on the shelves would be broken into tiny little pieces.  I would walk in the apartment with B.A Martin and company ducking for cover in the corner while N-Zilla screamed for Thomas.

Of course non of this happened.

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