Thursday, August 18, 2011

If it's not N-Zilla keeping me up, it's anxiety.

I am probably more nervous for N-Zilla to start Pre-K then he is.  I have talked about school and tried to prepare him. I just don't know how much he can comprehend.   I'm actually losing sleep over it. 

Last night I had nightmares about waking up to late and getting N-Zilla to the bus stop on time.  And, how the bus got stuck in traffic in a rain storm.  Ya, I know I am being ridiculous.  But, how does this happen?  I know that one day he was going to go to school.  I was Actually counting down the days.  It's just that one day I was miserable and tired with sore nipples from nursing him 24/7, then the next day I was at a ARD meeting trying to make sense of it all and now next Monday he is going to Pre-K.

My world is changing and I better learn how to appreciate it, who knows what the future holds for N-Zilla and our family.

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