Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Freakout mode and judgmental situations?

Last weekend was a little bit of a rocky one...if you remember our trip to Wal-Mart and getting kicked out of a restaurant. 

Here we are a brand new week and weekend to talk about.  Overall things have been going pretty good, and yet it sorta feels like we have taken a few steps back with progress.  We are back to knocking everything over. But his attention span and comprehensions skills have really blossomed.  N-Zilla seems really comfortable at home, and is talking bunches more.  As far as being in public...well it's a work in progress.  If it's not a comfort zone it can get a little tricky.  Like the time N-Zilla almost made a waitress pee at a Chinese Buffet, or his Birthday freak out at Red Robbins. 

It seems normal to us now or at least me.  Every public outing I find new ways to "be".  Bring the weighted blanket, bring the PSP, bring the snacks, and know the cue to call it a day and head home.  If I really think about it, it's not to much different then what I did with Son #1 and Crazy Horse, and now with The baby.  It's just a little bit more intense.

N-Zilla my loveable and former insomniac is now taking Melatonin.  Huge milestone for our family.  Every body is getting almost the recommended amount of sleep.  Which has put a writers block on my blogging, seeing how I usually blog while up in the wee hours with N-Zilla.  Mr. S and I are still getting use to ALL the kids asleep at the same time.  Sometimes we just stair at each other and say well I guess we are going to bed.  

This past Sunday I decided to take N-Zilla to church with me.  I've decided that I will not be a prisoner of what ever it is that my son has.  And neither will he.  Baby steps of course, only he and I went.  I left the sleeping pre-teens in there stinky rooms and The Baby and Mr. S to watch TLC.

Weighted blanket...check, favorite toy...check, cell phone off...check.  I walked into mass confident.  I sat in the front with the rest of the grown-ups and well behaved children.  It was good.  I didn't really hear what the homely was because N-Zilla was fidgety, and a few times he had to wrap his blanket around him.  However, it was one of my favorite times in church that I have had in a very long time.  N-Zilla looked around at the stain glass windows and whispered very loudly, "ooooo, cooool".  When it was time to sing N-Zilla sang about Thomas and Lighting McQueen.  Had to give him the death grip when receiving communion, he almost ran "on stage" as Crazy Horse likes to call it. 

I left Mass as confident and cool as I entered.  I didn't even break a sweat.  N-Zill walked out the church wearing his blanket as a cape and we drove home. Happy.

So why do I put my self and the N-Zilla in potentially freakout mode and judgmental situations?   Because...why not.  I'm never not going to have a bad day with any of my kids.  Why avoid having any kinda day at all with my N-Zilla. 

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  1. Keep at it. It is SO worth the struggle and the looks, and the comments when it finally becomes a "normal" routine and is looked forward to. We started getting Bub to church regularly at 2 y/o (7mo before his autism diagnosis) and by 4y/o it was routine and he does so well, and people look for him and shake his hand. It was really hard, with LOTS of trips to the nursery (w/ the issues there w/ the baby-moms..) and leavings early, but having him sit near me during hymns takes my breath away. :)