Sunday, February 2, 2014

If you've met one person...Then you've met one person.

Their is a saying that if you've met one person with Autism then you've met one person with Autism.  This is true.  If so-and-so's brother's sister's cousin who is Autistic didn't like the texture of pizza doesn't mean N-Zilla doesn't like pizza.  In fact his taste/smell/texture aversion is to anything turkey, thyme, and mash potatoes.  I made the mistake of making N-Zilla eat mash potatoes once and had to clean up the mess that followed.  
I know that I'm being sensitive to or have lost my patients with certain comments like: I knew someone with Autism and so-and-so didn't do that or He does so well for having you know or Doesn't seem like their is anything wrong with him. These statments makes me frustrated and angry...and I get tired of being the front woman for AU, Sensory Processing Disorder etc. All I know is that I am an expert on N-Zilla and a very bad one at that.   I know you mean well or just don't know what's ok or not ok to say.  That's why I smile and nod or politely respond with a vague answer.  If I have the energy I will go in detail.  I will save my bitching for the car ride home or blog about it later.

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