Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Autism Awareness Month

This month is Autism Awareness Month.  
I never imagined that 5 years ago I would be advocating for Autism.
But here I am.  The mother of 4 children.  

I myself have sensory issues. 

Their is so much to say and so many different perspectives to say it from.
I often find myself with writers block or fear by the time I get to the computer. 
All day today you have seen post about Autism Awareness Month.a
Shine a Light on Autism
And this month many states and cities will have walks raising money and awareness for and about Autism.
We are participating this year in Any Baby Can's Annual Walk for Autism.

So this is what I have to say 
about Autism. Me. Us.
I couldn't imagine life without anyone of my children.
I can not imagine our life without Autism in it.
I have been through many heartaches in my life.  Many ups and downs.
Not to mention having my own set of learning disabilities to over come.
All of that has prepared me to be a parent to my children.  I am a better mother in spite of these things.
My son N-Zilla,
he is on the AU spectrum.  It is a disorder that he has. Not the disorder has him.
He is 1 in 88 or 1 in 54 and my 1 in a million.
Days are good. Days are bad.  But he is always my N-Zilla.  
And I always love him.

So, Happy Autism Awareness Month

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