Monday, June 11, 2012

Mostly. Maybe. For right now.

So...Where is N-Zilla?
He's still here.  I'm still here.  I guess as soon as March came...my life all of a sudden triple booked it's self.  I have managed to keep my head afloat as a parent being pulled four times over...I mean five.  Not just a parent of two tweens...not a parent of a toddler or a parent of a special needs child.  Just plan-o parent of four and wife is trying enough.  But we made it...thank you very much.  I officially have a 7th grader, a 5th grader, Pre-K Sophmore and nobody lost a limb...some fever's but nothing to serious.

SO WHAT HAS N-ZILLA BEEN UP TO?  Alright, alright.  Your friendly neighborhood lovable and destructive N-Zilla made it through his very first year of Pre-K.  He is speaking so much nowadays.  He say's things like, "Dad get off my computer" (another reason that I don't get to blog as much).  He is also found out about the Knuffle Bunny and Pete the Cat and his School shoes.

He still doesn't like (mostly) people to touch the top of his head...and we still don't get to go to Red Robbins as often as we would like to.  N-Zilla does know what he likes and doesn't like and it seems that he know's his own triggers and self soothes... Some day's are easier then others.  Lately there are more "good days".  Except when he pours the coffee creamer on his bed.

As for N-Zilla's mom and dad...we are doing good...at least for me (the mom) things are not so tense.  N-Zilla is back on Melotonin (most days). And it still doesn't always work...but N-Zilla falls asleep before (mostly) midnight and since I don't work during the summers...I guess it's not biggie right? Except the nights that I really really REALLY need to sleep.

Life isn't so scary (mostly not always) and unknown when it comes to things Autism or the "Maybes" for right now.  Life is good.  

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