Tuesday, October 11, 2011

N-Zilla...My Loveable and Destructive 3 year tips to survive a BBQ

My Little N-Zilla.  The other day we were at a family bbq.  Actually, it was the first time N-Zilla and the rest of us visiting this relatives house.  I wasn't really worried how N-Zilla would act.  I wasn't worried at all.  I was busy running around the house looking for that lost sock and yelling directions to the kids.

Side Note:  I think from now on I am going to bust into song when ever I have to yell at the kids.  It worked for Mary Poppins and Maria from The Sound Of Music.  Oddly, they are the same person.

At the BBQ  I noticed a few new things that N-Zilla does when over whelmed.  I didn't realize he was overwhelmed untill I took a seat and watched him.  The house was loud.  Laughing. Music. Talking. Babies.

N-Zilla makes this noise like a faint train horn.  Mostly he makes it when he is in a loud environment.  It stays the same and constant.  But when he has at his breaking point it gets louder.  My little Loveable and Destructive 3 year old had had enough.  He was walking around flicking his ears and making the train sound.
(The flicking of the ears is new).

Of course I forgot his weighted blanket.  His life is pretty routine at home their really is no need for it except to relax and watch t.v.  Luckily he was happy that house had a couch had big heavy pillows.  He stayed for awhile  underneath the pillows.

The rest of the time he hung out at the bottom of the staircase playing with his cars.  It was getting tricky until someone put X-Box Connect dance game on.  N-Zilla zoned in on the dance moves.  (So family and friends for Christmas or Birthday's N-Zilla really digs dancing games for the Wii).

Oh my N-Zilla.  Of course God would give me a child that lives of off routine when I like to try new thing and often fall behind schedule.

N-Zilla's Tips to Survive a BBQ:

1. Always remind mom to bring weighted blanket or make the weighted vest already.  Mom!
2. Make sure host has plenty of bread rolls.
3. Find the nearest pillow and take a breather.
4. Go for walk with mom.  (I forgot to mention we take lots of walks when we are somewhere new)
5. Hang out with Grandpa.
6. Always have Sensory Diet handy so you can relax at the bottom of the stair case.
7. When Just Dance comes on...Just dance.
And that my friends is N-Zilla's Tips for surviving a BBQ


  1. Routine! I don't know how I'll handle that with Lamb Baby!!

  2. Lamb Baby will make one for you. Trust me.