Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's safe to have the t.v down.

We took the t.v off the wall today!  No, really this is amazing.  Since N-Zilla could walk we have had to put if not all, most things up.  Our biggest fear was the t.v.  falling on him and of course not having a t.v was a scarey thought to us too.    BUT...along with all the good and new things going on with N-Zilla, we've noticed that the t.v is no longer in danger of hurting the boy or being hurt by the boy. 

Don't get me wrong N-Zilla is still loveable and destructive as ever.  As a matter of fact it is 11pm and I am being poked with a broom by the boy.  Lets throw in that its 11pm and he is awake and is eating everything we just bought at the grocery store. 

no more of this!
"Seriously", there is still hurdles we are jumping...however I no longer have to strain my neck to watch t.v.  Things are moving up in the Silva house.

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